Anna — Gamayun Academic Services

I have a PhD, MPhil and BSc. I am friendly, encouraging, patient and, most importantly, I know how to impart knowledge. Everyone learns differently so I tailor my services to each individual. Above all, I make learning interesting.


I have a PhD and Master of Philosophy degree in International Criminal Justice. Both of these research degrees were self-designed. I have a BSc Hons in Criminalistics. I have A-Levels in Law, Sociology and Psychology.

As a socio-legal researcher in the field of international criminal justice, my work is highly interdisciplinary by conviction and by methodology; it draws from a wide variety of subjects and is both empirical and non-empirical in nature. I edit writing on any academic subject. I care deeply about every project that I undertake and can provide excellent references.

Editing Services: I provide a comprehensive range to editing services to students and academics. I have experience in editing essays, postgraduate dissertations, MPhil-to-PhD upgrade documents, research and ethics proposals, articles, book chapters, funding applications and more. A developmental editor helps an author with the structure and fundamental aspects of a dissertation. It is deep consideration of all aspects of your work to help you succeed upon submission.

Copyediting is less intensive than developmental editing. This work involves reading a finished text for grammar, punctuation, consistency, and possible errors.

Developmental editing clients receive a manuscript review (in MS Word format) with comments throughout and tracked changes with suggestions for improvement. Copyediting clients receive a manuscript reviewed with changes tracked in Microsoft Word, observations and notes in comment bubbles. Whatever your preferred choice of editing, I can review the first chapter, the first five pages, the first fifty pages, or the entire dissertation — it is up to you.

Students will be asked to sign a code of conduct form in order to uphold academic standards and integrity.

This form details the advice regarding the corrections provided by the editor. It also explicitly states that no actual (re-writing) can be done by the editor on examined texts. The form clarifies that services provided are to improve the text of your dissertation and responsibility for the final manuscript lies with the student and not the editor.

Editing fees can be calculated as an hourly or daily rate, per 1,000 words or for a whole project. Because clients’ needs and requirements vary so much, so do my rates. I always ask to see the text (or a sample) before giving a quote as there are many variables involved, particularly for copy-editing.

How Long Will It Take To Edit My Work?

Each project is assessed individually as many factors affect how long a job will take. However, turnaround periods for editing your academic writing are broadly as follows: 0–5,000 words: 4 working days. 5,000–9,999 words: 5 working days. 10,000–14,999 words: 6 working days. 15,000–20,000 words: 7 working days.

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