Dr Stephen Basdeo currently teaches at Richmond: The American International University in London (but actually at the Leeds site, RIASA). From time to time I put the text of lectures I have delivered to my first year undergraduate classes.

Basdeo is interested in all aspects of social and cultural history but his research has led him to a few areas of focus: his main research interests include the history of journalism, the history of popular literature and the novel, the history of crime, as well as medievalism, which is the way that the people in the past re-imagined the Middle Ages in popular culture. The latter is what spurred Basdeo on to write books on both Robin Hood and Wat Tyler, while his book on highwaymen stemmed from his love of crime history.

I teach a wide range of subjects on the General Education components of the course, so some of the lectures I have delivered may not always relate to the history of crime and law but are perhaps of interest to some students and even general readers.

As lectures are written, more will be uploaded. Feel free to reuse and cite.