Stephen Basdeo

Stephen Basdeo grew up in Leeds, West Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. He achieved a 1st Class degree in the subject from Leeds Metropolitan University. Wanting to take his love of the subject to the next level, he decided to complete an MA in Social History from the same university, for which he was awarded a Distinction. Stephen then decided to take things one step further, and he was awarded a place on a fully-funded PhD program. His doctorate was awarded by the University of Leeds in December 2017. He currently lectures at Richmond American International University’s Leeds campus.




2014-17 Doctor of Philosophy

University of Leeds


Leeds Trinity University

2010-14: MA Social History

Leeds Beckett University

BA (Hons) History

Leeds Beckett University


2017– Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


2017– British Society for Romantic Studies
2016– British Association for Victorian Studies
2015– International Association for Robin Hood Studies
2012– British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies


2020 Critical Criminology




Sport, Media and Culture

Open University

Partnerships and Networks in Working with Young People

Open University

Facilitating Group Discussions in a Classroom Setting


2017 Criminology Beyond Crime



2017– Assistant Professor

Richmond American International University

Modules taught:

  • COMS4100: Intercultural Encounters
  • PHIL3000: Introduction to Philosophy
  • HIST311: Social History
  • HIS312: History of Football
  • SPT3200: Sport and Society
  • SPT6205: Sports Journalism
  • GEP3180: Research and Writing Level 1
  • GEP4180: Research and Writing Level 2.
2017 Visiting Lecturer

Leeds Beckett University

Modules taught:

  • Romanticism
  • 18th-Century Fiction


2015–17 Visiting Lecturer

Leeds Trinity University

Modules taught:

  • Representations of the Medieval Period
  • Medievalism through Time
  • the Victorian Novel
  • Classicism and Romanticism
  • Roots of Ideas
  • Introduction to Criminology.


2018 National College of Policing, University of Derby
2017 Sheffield Centre for Early Modern Studies, University of Sheffield



2020 Leeds City Council Statues and Monuments Review



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Peer-Reviewed Articles, Book Chapters, Dictionary, and Database Entries

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Magazine & Newspaper Articles

‘Studying 18th-Century Criminals Makes Me Look at My Modern Prejudices’, The Guardian Higher Education 15 March 2016.

‘Robin Hood the Brute’ History Today October 2015.

Creative Writing Projects

‘The True and Genuine Account of Jack Sheppard’s Journey unto Tyburn’, in Journeys: A Space for Words ed. by Stephanie Buick, Lucy Brighton & Oz Hardwick (Halwill: Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2016), pp. 42-44.



Peer Reviewer Bulletin of the International Association for Robin Hood Studies

The Wenshan Review of Literature and Culture

Law, Crime and History


2019 Stephen Copley Research Award, British Association for Romantic Studies
2017 Conference Travel Funding, British Agricultural History Society
Conference Planning & Organisation Funding, Liverpool John Moores University
Conference Planning & Organisation Funding, Lancaster University
2016 Conference Accommodation and Travel Funding, Universitie de Cergy-Pontoise
Conference Travel Funding, Durham Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies
2014 PhD Studentship, £13,726 per annum plus £1,000 expenses per annum.

Leeds Trinity University



2013 Alan MacGregor Prize for Exceptional Contribution to Cultural Studies



Conferences Organised

(with Matthew Kidd), #RADFEST: Forgotten British Radicals, July 2020. [online conference].

(with Samuel Saunders) Lives, Trials and Executions: Perspectives on Crime, c.1700-c.1900, Liverpool John Moores 24 May 2017.

(with Sophie Raine) Back to the Future: Class and the Past, 1800-2000, Lancaster University, 16 March 2017.
(with Hannah-Freya Blake) Pernicious Trash? Victorian Popular Literature, c.1830-c.1880, Leeds Trinity University, 12 September 2016.

Papers Presented

‘A New Perspective on the Jack Straw’s Last Dying Speech’, International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, 1–4 July 2019.

‘Transcribing and Editing Robert Southey’s Unpublished Robin Hood Novel: Harold; or, the Castle of Morford (1791)’, Southey Conference, Keswick, 27–29 April 2019.

‘Rousing “The Spirit of Wat Tyler”: The Forging of a Revolutionary Nationalism in Chartist Periodicals’, Politics of Sedition, University of Warwick, 10 November 2018.

‘The First Robin Hood Novel: Robert Southey’s ‘Harold; or, The Castle of Morford’ (1791)’, Sixth Literary Juvenilia Conference, Durham University, 5-8 July 2018.

‘Wat Tyler as Robin Hood in Victorian Fiction’, International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, 2-5 July 2018.

‘Outlaws and Rogues: The 16th-Century Context of A Gest of Robyn Hode’, International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, 3-6 July 2017

‘When Upperworld and Underworld Meet: Organised Crime in G. W. M. Reynolds’ The Mysteries of London’, Lives, Trials and Executions: Perspectives on Crime, 1700-1900, Liverpool John Moores University, 24 May 2017
‘The Dichotomy of Criminality between Town and Country: Robin Hood and Rogue Literature’, British Agricultural History Society PG and EC Workshop, University of Nottingham, 3 May 2017
‘The Prison Hulk as a Transformative Space in The Mysteries of London’, Northern Nineteenth-Century Network, Leeds Trinity University, 2 April 2017.
‘Class and Crime in The Mysteries of London (1844-46)’, Class and the Past, 1800-2000, Lancaster University, 16 March 2017.
‘The Chartist Robin Hood: Thomas Miller’s Royston Gower (1838)’, Reworking Walter Scott, University of Dundee 31 March – 1 April 2017
‘“Curteyse Out-laws” versus Sinister Rogues: A New Context for Robin Hood and Other Outlaw Tales’, British Crime Historians Symposium, Edinburgh University, 7 October 2016.
‘The Birth of Robin Hood: Mrs. Brown of Falkland’s Literary Afterlives and Influence upon the Later Robin Hood Tradition’, Women’s History Network, Leeds Trinity University, 16-18 September 2016.
‘Last Dying Speeches, Trials, and Executions: The Changing Format and Function of Last Dying Speeches, c.1800 – c.1830’, Pernicious Trash? Victorian Popular Literature, 1830-1880, Leeds Trinity University, 12 September 2016.
Round Table Panellist: Paul Kingsnorth’s The Wake, International Conference on Medievalism, University of Bamberg, Germany 18-20 July 2016.
‘The Public School Robin Hood: The Outlaw in Late-Nineteenth Century Children’s Books’ (INVITED), Packaging the Past for Children, 1750-1914, Durham University, 6 – 7 July 2016.
‘Judging Robin Hood: The Outlaw in Nineteenth-Century Literature’, “A Time of Judgement”: The Operation and Representation of Judgement in Nineteenth-Century Cultures, Plymouth University, 23-24 June 2016.
‘“Curteyse Out-laws” versus Sinister Rogues: A New Context for A Gest of Robyn Hode’, Medieval and Early Modern Studies Festival, University of Kent, 17-18 June 2016.
‘Maid Marian in Nineteenth-Century Street Literature’, The Ballad of Women in Print, Chethams Library, Manchester 20 May 2016.
‘Radical Medievalism: Pierce Egan the Younger’s Robin Hood, Wat Tyler, and Adam Bell’, Victorian Representations Colloquium, Leeds Trinity University 13 May 2016
‘Ivanhoe’s Afterlives: Walter Scott’s Legacy upon Nineteenth-Century Robin Hood Scholarship and Fiction in England and France’, Northern Nineteenth-Century Network, Universitie de Cergy-Pontoise, Paris, France 8 April 2016.
‘Criminality in The New Newgate Calendar (1863)’, Communities of Communication: Newspapers and Periodicals in Britain and Ireland, 1800-1900, Edinburgh University 10-11 Sept. 2015.
‘Robin Hood: Illustrating an Outlaw’, BARS, Cardiff University, 16 – 19 July 2015.
‘Robin Hood the Brute: The Outlaw in 18th-Century Criminal Biography’, Outlaws in Context: The Tenth Biennial Conference of the International Association for Robin Hood Studies, The Stables, Doncaster, 1 – 2 July 2015.
‘The Three Faces of Robin Hood’, War and Peace Colloquium, University of Leeds, 17 June 2015
‘Robin Hood: Constructing the Outlaw Hero in the Eighteenth Century’, Jargon of Men and Things Conference, University of Cambridge, 18 April 2015.
‘Robin Hood: A Respectable Outlaw Hero?’, Northern 19th-Century Network, Leeds Trinity University, 17 April 2015



IT Experience

2016 Social Media Editor, Leeds Centre for Victorian Studies
2015 Blog writer for Romantic Textualities
2014 Our Criminal Past Web Administrator, Leeds Beckett University

Public Talks

‘The Legend of Robin Hood’, Royal Armouries, 5 May 2018
‘The Northern Dickens: The Life and Work of the Manchester Novelist William Harrison Ainsworth’, Manchester City Library 4 February 2017
‘The Legend of Robin Hood’, Pontefract Castle, Pontefract, 8 May 2016
‘The Rise of the Victorian Underworld’, Abbey House Museum, Leeds, 1 March 2016
‘Robin Hood: Rediscovery and Reconstruction in the Eighteenth Century’, Horsforth Library, Leeds, 9 February 2015