The Broadside of Life

Excellent article which I highly recommend reading!

The Evolving Cell

Why Society Broke Down to Extreme State Punishment and How Society Knew

Pictured: Murderer James French

The term
Capital Punishment has been given an illustrious title to cover the morally
ambiguous decision for a state power to take the life of a criminal. In modern
day society, we think of US states such as Texas and South Carolina harbouring
the electric chair or the lethal injection. The last words of many convicts
have often left an impression to those who hear it. One could think to the dark
humour of James D. French who, after murdering his cell mate, gave the headline
‘French Fries!’.

During the
mid-eighteenth century, however, the amount of state executions in the UK was
actually decreased with most convicts being shipped to the US.

By 1750 it had embraced instead a range of penal policy options within
which the death penalty was no longer “an unquestionable…

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